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Its been a year almost since I went to africa. Been thinking about it a lot lately cause I have to write a sermon about Gods love. Thought Id post the note I wrote on Facebook a year ago about my trip so I could remember it more. Also read my dairy that I kept while I was over there. Cant wait to go back one day. Enjoy my memories.

So we flew out to Africa on the 21st of July. My first time overseas so the flying was my biggest fear... didn't want to get sick or crash really, but neither of those happened.. apart from a forgettable moment on the runway at SA.
When we finally arrived in Pemba, my first memory was the heat, and just how big it was.
In NZ we cant comprehend being able to look every direction and just see empty space, its incredible. The Iris base is amazing. Its huge, 1km long by 800 meters long. There's a school and soccer field and everything there. The 1st day, Rick, Neil, Hughwyn and Myself played basketball with some kids, was so much fun.
So much happened there so I'l just share my highlights, otherwise you'll be here reading for a week. Firstly, the food.. basically we had a bread roll for breakfast, rice with beans for lunch, and rice with either fish, chicken, cabbage, spinach or beans for dinner. And the toilets... there was one long drop with a proper toilet bowl, the rest were just holes in the ground.. got really good at aiming haha.

My favorite place on the base was hanging out at the babies dorm. There was a little kid there that looked about 6-8 months old.. he was pretty much completely unresponsive, didn't really move, never smiled... turned out he was 2 years old. He was just so underdeveloped because of malnutrition during pregnancy.
There's so many memories like that, that just impacted my life so much but it's impossible to put into words.

At first you see the "poverty" and you want to give them everything you can and help them, but after awhile you realize that they didn't know they were poor until we told them. They just survive.
They don't worry about having a TV or labeled shoes, they just live life. They are some of the happiest people i have ever met.

How is it that in the west we spend all our time trying to make everything faster and easier so we have more time, and yet we end up with no time and stressed out all the time? Yet over there they walk slowly, they stop and talk and smile, and they live the most fulfilled lives... Just a thought.

We got to go on an outreach to an unreached village as part of our trip.
I had been feeling quite disconnected from God for much of the 1st part of the trip, so the night before we left I went and lay in the prayer hut for a few hours, just soaking in his presence. Then I went to the worship team practice at the church. Gods presence was so thick in there. I just kneeled and cried for ages.
The worship there is amazing. They don't have flash gear or a huge band, they just worship. They have nothing and they don't know much, but they know they have Jesus and thats all that matters. They worship from their heart. Its not about music, its about connecting with our amazing Lord and King and just loving on him and being loved in return.
After they practice finished I got some ministry school students and some people from an english missions team to pray for me before the outreach. One of the students (her name was Promise) went and got the worship teams guitar, and Her, Sarah, and myself got to have a worship time together. It was amazing.
After that we sat and talked for hours. I got to share much of my testimony with them, and then shared what God had been showing me all year, and some of my experiences with that, it was nice to talk to some people who spoke english again haha.
So the next day we left on our trip. 5 1/2 hours later on the back of a truck we arrived at the village. We set up our tents then left to goto another village for the 1st outreach.
After much confusion we got to a village. One of the african Pastors spoke for awhile, then we were released to go and pray for people.
The first man I prayed for had chest pain. I prayed once and there was no change, so I prayed again and he was healed!
A few minutes later I prayed for a young man of about 12 who had limited vision. After a short prayer he tested it out and he was completely healed also!
Prayed for many sore stomachs and some babies after that. We were just about to leave, had just prayed for a man with a headache who was healed, and a man came and asked us to pray for his wife who was deaf. With one of the african pastors translating we prayed for her, and then tested it out, and her hearing was 100% restored!! From completely deaf to full hearing in less then a minute!! God is soo good!!
The next day we hung out at the village with the kids and just loved on the people.
That afternoon we went around the village going hut to hut praying for people.
I joined onto a group that had just cast a demon out a young boy.
The 1st hut we went to, there was a lady with malaria, and her mother who was blind and also crippled in one leg.
We prayed for both of them, and the symptoms of malaria left!! But there was no change in the mother. So we got the lady who had just been healed to pray for her mum, and all pain left her leg!! But she was still blind. At that point I saw in the spirit something that looked like oil pouring down from the sky onto the woman's head. A guy named matthew asked if we wanted to stay or leave, and I remember saying "Jesus had to pray twice.. I'l stay here all day if I have too". So we prayed again and her eyesight was completely restored!! God is so GOOD!!
My favorite memory was the last hut we visited. There was a lady there who had a sore hip.
We prayed for her, and much of our group felt that her husband (his name was Eric) would drink and then beat her. So we asked him about it and he denied it. Then we asked if he wanted to receive Jesus, and he said no again. When he said no to that, I saw in the spirit a picture of a hourglass tipping over and starting to count down. There was 3 or 4 of us in the group that felt that if he didn't accept Jesus that day that his days were numbered. So we asked him again and again he refused. So we left. That afternoon at the prayer meeting I prayed specially for him and for his salvation. We all got gloriously toasted in the Holy Ghost and left for the night service feeling full of Gods presence and Power. I don't remember much of the night, I just remember getting back to the tents and having Matt run up to me and telling me that Eric had come to the service and had received Jesus!!

That one salvation was the best part of the trip.

I saw a lame woman walk with no cane, I saw a deaf woman hear, I saw two blind people see, I saw countless headaches and stomach pains healed, I saw the spirit of alcoholism broken off peoples lives, but nothing brings more joy then seeing one soul come to salvation.

I have so many more memories and experiences but it would take far to long to write them all out. We serve an amazing God, that cares about the smallest things... down to my favorite song being played in the church in africa, and having window seats on basically every flight.
Miracles still happen. Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and his mission has never changed. For God so LOVED the world.. We are called to love.. wether its starving children in africa, or multi millionaire businessmen in NZ, we are called to love them, and bring Gods love to their life.
We can see signs and wonders in Africa, and on the streets in NZ, but the greatest call is to Re-Present Jesus to the world.

I went to Africa thinking I had the answers to their problems, but I came back having learnt so much more from them. All we need is Jesus. Heaven and Earth may pass away, but his word will not.

I Love you, all of my hope is in you, JESUS CHRIST, take my life, take all of me.

God bless

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  1. LOVE this, makes me look forward to going to Cambodia and hopefully Mozambique next year too. You need to write a new blog! =)